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"In Face of Threats, America and Britain are Neither Shaken Nor Stirred"
By Dexter Ingram, © 2003

"The James Bond Title Sequences"
By Charles Taylor, © 2002

"James Bond at 50"
By Oscar Milde, © 2002

"The Art of Female Bonding"
By Lesley McDowell, © 2002

"Live And Let Moore: EON Takes Bond Into the 70s"
By Stuart Basinger, © 2000

"Job Opportunity: Be the Next 007"
By Mark Greenberg, © 2001

"Thoughts on the Attacks on America"
By David Morefield, © 2001


"The Post-Fleming Bond Novels"
By Mark Greenberg, © 2001

"Live And Let Die: Bring on the Black Guys"
© By Chris Norton

"The Revival of James Bond"
By James Chapman,
© 2002

"40 Years of James Bond"
The Guardian Special,
© 2002

"The Spies Who Thrilled Me"
By Stephanie Zacharek,
© 2002

"The Man Who Would Be Bond"
By Mark Greenberg,
© 2001

"Casino Royale at 33"
By Robert von Dassanowsky,
© 2000

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